What are Backlinks? How they actually works

I want to tell you a little bit about what are called backlinks no backlinks had long little leaks they come from other people’s websites. Back to your website. Those are important because they’re what you need to get good ranking on Google. Up more or less what Google does is they look at sites that link to your website they look at the content that’s on that website and most importantly they look at the key word or phrase that’s in that link works that’s a big part of their algorithm the way that they determine what a web page or website is all about so if you have links coming to your website. From other websites is a callback winks and there’s 2 types of backlinks one is called follow the other one is called no follow follow is the type a leak that when it comes from another website will actually pass you what is called linked use which is a little bit of search engine that juice that will help you get better rankings. And the other one no follow basically means that that website if it links to you isn’t passing you any links leaked years so typical use for a follow link would be anybody that’s writing a blog or article and just wants to link to your site that’s just a regular link basically is a follow link.


Now you would have to go out of your way to create a no following recommends this is the best practice to people who are either selling links or advertising a were have set up a link to your website for any other reason that it’s kind of commercial so it’s their way of trying to manage spam of Google kind of acts like they’re the god of the internet they make all the the decisions about a what’s relevant and and they make the rules and they really set the rules up to benefit them but.

Anyway that’s the system that they use,  So when you’re talking about search engine ranking you are climb up. The search engines the main thing you need to focus on are getting back wings links from other websites to your website whether they’re follower no follow I don’t really think it makes a difference you want your link profile or in other words the links become your site. To look at natural to Google so you wouldn’t want 1 or the other to be disproportional so you wouldn’t want a ton of follow links and no no follow links anyone want a kind of no follow links in just a few follow links they’re going to be kind of 5050 years probably yourself actually about 70 percent or links probably gonna be. Just regular links which or follow links but. Anyway that’s a quick story about backlinks little bit of information about what they are and how you can use them to get better search engine ranking


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