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Why SEO such a big deal

Why SEO such a big deal

Now let’s discuss about the real world example. A lot of our customers are small and midsize business.

So let’s pretend I’m a dentist working in mission Viejo California. That’s my hometown. If I’m a dentist the first thing to figure out is which search terms a key words matter to my practice. Of all the searches people are doing out there on which ones do I care to show up. Well, you can do this all day but here’s a sample of some key words that we came up with we think the pretty good and we’re just gonna pick one on which to focus. The simple. Dentist mission video. Easy!. Now here’s the fun part.

This is why so many businesses love SEO.  More traditional marketing efforts like newspaper as marshals for TV or radio. They just pale in comparison not only are they really expensive. But they just don’t target potential customers nearly as well.

SEO on the other hand lets you focus your efforts on the exact people you want to visit our website. Now getting towards atop of the pile isn’t easy and it definitely doesn’t happen in overnight.

So why is this so important? well, recently so much has changed with Google search engine and so many different algorithmic  have been put into play and maybe you’ve heard about them their take on strange names like the google panda out Google penguin  and humming bird. And all these things have happened because of Google’s main desire to increase the value of the web and its mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible to everybody. But it wants to be able to do that and to increase the value of the web has time goes on. So, our businesses need to buy backlinks which is kind of why this is very very important to go will and what happens you know with those algorithmic just means who was bending and breaking the rules and now how important it is to have Google’s trust and how quickly you can get trust by google and other search engines and of course gain the trust.