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Search Engine Optimization Principles

Search Engine Optimization Principles

SEO involves a wide range of principles and practices methods and techniques from social media to blogging, optimization, on page optimization and off page optimization there are so many different things involve today with SEO that some people it can be dizzying.

The 2 core concepts that are involved with all of the work that you’re going to do as an SEO. Those 2 concept does to core concepts are to forge a value and to build trust. So that’s what you’re going to be doing as an SEO.

Now I know that there’s a lot of people that thought overnight rankings 1000 visitors in one month or 0 visitors and one week to your website per day. Now that’s possible only if you have a little bit of age behind you and now.

So these 2 concepts of forging value and building trust are going to be at the heart of everything that you do and all that I’m going to be revolve around these 2 core concepts.

How SEO works in 2017?

SEO is any activity that helps your site to rank higher in search engine results and why it is important? Every second there 2.3M searches on Google which is honestly a little bit ridiculous and hard to get your head around. what it means is this. When people search for information they search for online and so if you want them to find your business you need to appear in those results. So how can you do that? we’ve got 3 tips for you.

The first thing we recommend is choosing which keywords you wanna focus on. We do this by creating something called a keyword sitemap and you know what that is? Its a list of the key words that’ll be most relevant to your customers and best for your business to rank for.

Now the second point is that you want to focus on long tail keywords. So what you have that original list you want  in on the key words and a little bit more specific says the difference between something like doughnuts and vegan doughnut shops in Maryland. Obviously people searching for the second key word have highly specific target in mind and that means they’ll be more relevant to your business. When they searched the long tail keywords. And then lastly we recommend blogging regularly.  Writing a blog and posting daily activity actually helps from SEO perspective by giving search engines more pages to index and by allowing you to write content that’s actually geared towards individual killers.